[asterisk-users] Commercial SSL certs on Asterisk with Polycom phones for encrypted calls using TLS and SRTP?

Gavin Henry gavin.henry at gmail.com
Thu Mar 8 10:50:10 CST 2012

>> Ah, this makes sense now. So as of today the status of TLS and SRTP in
>> anything
>> other than 1.4.X is unknown?
> Umm... no :-)

OK, sorry :-)

> Asterisk 1.4 did not have support for SRTP or SIP/TLS. Thus, neither of
> these were tested with Polycom phones the last time we did interop testing
> with those phones.

Ah, I forgot when it was added.

> The status of SIP/TLS and SRTP support in the Asterisk releases that have
> them are not 'unknown'; they are there and expected to be working. I was
> just pointing out that Digium has not specifically tested Polycom phones for
> interop with these features, and certainly has not specifically tested usage
> of TLS certificates issued by any particular CA.

Has anyone on the list?


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