[asterisk-users] Multi-record SRV records

Asgaroth 00asgaroth00 at gmail.com
Wed Mar 7 15:40:27 CST 2012

Hi List,

Just looking for advise on the current best approach to work around an 
issue I am experiencing.

Currently I have a provider with whom I register, their domain has 
multiple destinations defined in their SRV record for their domain. 
Registrations appear to be working properly, and outbound calls appear 
to be working as well. The problem arises when I receive inbound calls, 
sometimes the calls are able to come through, and in other instances the 
calls arrive but are not pushed through to the correct context because 
the source ip address does not match that of the peer definition. I am 
currently running 2 pbx's, one is version and the other is

What are others out there doing that are facing the same issue. As far 
as I am aware, the only way I know of to work around this issue is to 
have multiple peer definitions for each address in the SRV list. Is this 
still the case?


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