[asterisk-users] Call notification on IP Telephone

Daniel Varella dvarella at gmail.com
Mon Mar 5 08:54:12 CST 2012

Hi everybody,

   I'm seeking information on how to report an IP phone
on a call that is occurring on another IP phone.


                   While the A phone is ringing, Asterisk sends a
notification to a phone B on the call that is going to A, but this
notification is displayed on the B phone display and the user does not
need to hit anything to view the information.

  I'm working with "Siemens optiPoint 410 Economy" and
"Yealink T22P" phones.

   I Have searched some information on the Web, but without many
details and solutions.

   I did some tests with the "sipsak" tool, but I was just able to
send a notification to the Yealink phone (for
tel. Siemens did not work) which appeared as a text message (like
SMS), forcing the user having to press a few keys to obtain the
information. And this is not the goal, but that notifies the phone
screen, without the user having to press any key.

   Anyone have any idea or tip?

   Thank you in advance.


Daniel Varella de Oliveira
Consultor de T.I.
Cel.: +55(21)8615-6050

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Novell Data Center Technical Specialist (Novell DCTS)
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