[asterisk-users] Problem with ReceiveFax

Larry Moore lmoore at starwon.com.au
Fri Mar 2 10:45:18 CST 2012

On 3/03/2012 12:21 AM, Ishfaq Malik wrote:
> On Sat, 2012-03-03 at 00:11 +0800, Larry Moore wrote:
>> Hence you could enable the fallback (f) option to use G711;
>> ReceiveFAX(${FAXFILE},f)
> Hi
> Can't test till Monday morning now but will post results once I can.
> However, the f option doesn't sho in core show application for that
> version:
> 'core show application ReceiveFAX'
> [sudo] password for ish:
>    -= Info about application 'ReceiveFAX' =-
> [Synopsis]
> Receive a Fax
> [Description]
> Receives a FAX from the channel into the given filename  overwriting the file
> if it already exists.
> File created will be in TIFF format.
> This application sets the following channel variables:
> ${LOCALSTATIONID}: To identify itself to the remote end
> ${LOCALHEADERINFO}: To generate a header line on each page
>      SUCCESS
>      FAILED
> ${FAXERROR}: Cause of failure
> ${REMOTESTATIONID}: The CSID of the remote side
> ${FAXPAGES}: Number of pages sent
> ${FAXBITRATE}: Transmission rate
> ${FAXRESOLUTION}: Resolution of sent fax
> [Syntax]
> ReceiveFAX(filename[,c])
> [Arguments]
> filename
>      Filename of TIFF file save incoming fax
> c
>      Makes the application behave as the calling machine
>      (Default behavior is as answering machine)
> [See Also]
> Not available
> Otherwise I would have tried it!

The res_fax module was fixed to correctly display  in

I am currently running and this what is shown

   -= Info about application 'ReceiveFAX' =-

Receive a FAX and save as a TIFF/F file.

This application is provided by res_fax, which is a FAX technology agnostic
module                          that utilizes FAX technology resource 
modules to           complete a FAX
Session arguments can be set by the FAXOPT function and to check results
of the ReceiveFax() application.


     d: Enable FAX debugging.

     f: Allow audio fallback FAX transfer on T.38 capable channels.

     s: Send progress Manager events (overrides statusevents setting in

[See Also]



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