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John Novack jnovack at stromberg-carlson.org
Thu Mar 1 12:22:52 CST 2012

A J Stiles wrote:
> On Thursday 01 March 2012, Ralph Green wrote:
>> Howdy,
>>    I have tried all of these and a few more.  PBXinaFlash gave me the
>> best results, by far.  AsteriskNow produced a basic working system.  I
>> could not get any of the others configured to work at all.  I should
>> tell you my restrictions.  I was evaluating these distros to see which
>> one I could use to teach at a local computer group.  I wanted to do
>> very little configuration through the command line,
> And *that* is where you were going wrong.
> Look, the command line is a fact of life.  Microsoft have spent a fortune
> telling you that you're not smart enough to use it.  You do not have to fall
> for that.  Are you going to sit back and let them call you stupid?
> Think of trying to make yourself understood in a foreign country by pointing
> and gesturing.  There comes a point where you will actually have expended
> *more* effort than if you had just bitten the bullet and learned the language
> in the first place.
>> since my goal was
>> not just to get a working system, but to have something I could easily
>> show others how to setup.
> Again, this is where the command line excels.  Irrespective of how the user of
> the computer has set up the GUI -- what icon theme they have selected or how
> they have arranged the menus, which GUI tools are present and so forth -- the
> command line method will always be the same.
> You really aren't doing your students any favours if you are teaching them
> blindly to avoid what is basically the most powerful feature of a GNU/Linux
> system.
AstLinux is another great one. It has an easy to use GUI, but allows and 
requires editing of the Asterisk confs to build a working system without 
the drawbacks of the others mentioned
It also runs on small platforms, in 1 Gig ( or less ) of flash, no hard 
drive needed, and would allow the student to work with Asterisk without 
the overhead of learning Linux

Building a system from scratch and source code is certainly best however

John Novack


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