[asterisk-users] asterisk distributions

Ralph Green sirable at gmail.com
Thu Mar 1 08:44:35 CST 2012

  I have tried all of these and a few more.  PBXinaFlash gave me the
best results, by far.  AsteriskNow produced a basic working system.  I
could not get any of the others configured to work at all.  I should
tell you my restrictions.  I was evaluating these distros to see which
one I could use to teach at a local computer group.  I wanted to do
very little configuration through the command line, since my goal was
not just to get a working system, but to have something I could easily
show others how to setup.  And, I was using real phone hardware.  My
phone and line were driven from a Digium TDM400.  The AsteriskNow
system only worked because someone on IRC helped me find a couple of
obscure setting, but it does work.

 So, it somewhat depends on your needs, but I'd go with PBXinaFlash.
And, I added the IncrediblePBX package.  It is not perfect.  I am now
trying to add IAX trunks, and the mysteries involved make that slower
than I would like.
Good luck

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