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Bai Bin baimushan at gmail.com
Thu Mar 1 01:31:43 CST 2012


      i'm a freshman on voip. there is a problem about  asterisk .

      there is a 4E1 with signalling(ss7) and three servers(a part has one
server and the other has two server).  Two servers on the same part share
the same point code as a cluster to get load sharing Then the two different
parts can interconnect with each other.

      I try to edit ss7.conf .but it doesn't work . Only one of the servers
on the same part works,the  other do nothing.

     Can sharing one point code with two or more servers?

    Waiting for your help.
    ps:  software version  chan_ss7 2.0.0
                                    asterisk 1.4.26
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