[asterisk-users] How to send a SIP MESSAGE outside a call

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> Hello


> I have very little experience with AMI and AGI but, from what I've
> read
> so far, neither of them seem to provide any function to send a SIP
> MESSAGE with custom headers...
> How can I send a MESSAGE like this from Asterisk?

In Asterisk 10, you can use the MessageSend application:


In Asterisk 11, you'll also be able to use AMI:


You may also want to look at the functions that modify the message fields:


You stated that you need to add some custom headers, which you can do with the
MESSAGE_DATA function.  In order to activate the forwarding, you could
do something like this:

exten => send_msg,1,NoOp()
same => n,Set(MESSAGE_DATA(X-Movial-Content)=application/x-movial-control;forwarding=true)
; If something needs to go in the body, replace this.  Otherwise,
; you can just remove it
same => n,Set(MESSAGE(body)=hello world!)
same => n,MessageSend(sip:to_address)

(Note: this wasn't tested, but hopefully it will give you an idea)

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