[asterisk-users] OpenVPN design w/ Yealink

Jeff LaCoursiere jeff at sunfone.com
Thu Apr 26 10:37:11 CDT 2012


We are toying with setting up a redundant data center for our hosted PBX
product, and plan to use the OpenVPN feature of our Yealink phones for
connectivity to each data center.  The feature has been fantastic with
the first data center, allowing us to bypass all SIP NAT issues entirely
and allowing remote access to the phones' web interface without having
to touch the customers' firewalls.

We recently discovered that the Yealink platform only supports a single
tunnel, and have been discussing options with them.  They asked if any
other phones support more than one OpenVPN tunnel, and I really don't
know.  Has anyone tried such a thing with Aastra?

But beyond that, I am starting to think that I haven't thought it all
the way through.  I meant for the phones to connect and register to
asterisk LXC containers in both data centers.  For inbound calls this
works fine - our DID provider will connect to the first datacenter if it
is up, or fallback to the second if it is down, and either way the
phones will ring.

I'm getting confused on how the outbound will work, and am wondering if
I need something in front of the two datacenters to direct outbound
calls to the datacenter that is "up".  But that smacks of another single
point of failure.

Any advice?


Jeff LaCoursiere

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