[asterisk-users] Pickup calls coming from queues

Mark Michelson mmichelson at digium.com
Thu Apr 26 09:04:49 CDT 2012

On 04/16/2012 05:21 AM, Niccolò Belli wrote:
> I suspected it, but it didn't work at first. I fear I didn't 
> understand what the context refers to in Pickup(extension[@context]).
> I will make an example: phone-100 wants to pick up a ringing phone-200 
> (call comes from my-sip-provider).
> This is my sip.conf
> [phone-100]
> context=context-100
> [phone-200]
> context=context-200
> [my-sip-provider]
> context=from-my-sip-provider
> This is my extensions.conf
> [context-100]
> exten => test,hint,Queue:MyQueue
> exten => test,1,Pickup(myphonenumber at from-my-sip-provider)
> [...]
> [context-200]
> [...]
> [from-my-sip-provider]
> exten => myphonenumber,1,Queue(MyQueue,r)
> same => n,Hangup()
> I expected to use from-my-sip-provider as context in Pickup, 
> unfortunately it didn't work.
> So I tried both context-100 and context-200 as context in Pickup and 
> they *both* worked! What's the logic behind Pickup's context?
> Thanks,
> Niccolò
There is some missing information here. What is the strategy of the 
queue? How are the queue members listed (i.e. are they SIP channels or 
local channels)?  My suspicion is that the queue is simultaneously 
dialing local channels in contexts [context-100] and [context-200]. 
Since there are no ringing channels in context [from-my-sip-provider] 
there are no calls to pick up there. However, since [context-100] and 
[context-200] both have ringing channels, doing a call pickup in either 
of these results in a successful pickup.

Mark Michelson

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