[asterisk-users] meetme identify user number

Dan Austin Dan_Austin at Phoenix.com
Wed Apr 25 12:29:55 CDT 2012

Daniel wrote:

> Hi Group,
> is in MeetMe any option to identify the own number (from the view of a caller)?

> I would like to write an option to set on the telephone an request for voice, if the room > is muted. That request should display on our Conference Control Website and an Admin 
> should unmute this person.

If you have the user menu enabled, and the user is muted, then option 2
sets a 'Requests the Floor' flag.  I know that the conference display
feature in Web-MeetMe can interpret that flag and display a message that
the caller would like to be unmated.  I don't know of any other 
conference management apps that do, but I really have not looked into

The request the floor feature was added in one of the early 1.6
releases, so unless you are on a truly ancient version, the backend
support should be there.


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