[asterisk-users] Advice on Asterisk Conference

Tim Panton thp at westhawk.co.uk
Sun Apr 22 04:33:34 CDT 2012

Be  aware that there are several different conferencing solutions for asterisk.

I've used app_meetme in asterisk 1.8 (the LTS release) pretty happily. It is reasonably full featured and
well supported. It has 2 drawbacks : 1) it needs a kernel module (Dahdi) to do the mixing and
timing 2) it only does narrowband codecs 

If you like living nearer to the edge, there is app_confbridge in asterisk 1.10 (aka 10) which 
removes those 2 issues, but is new and so lacks some of the support (e.g. web modules etc)

In terms of numbers, I've always found that user management issues kick in before the software/hardware limitations. Your milage may vary.


On 20 Apr 2012, at 18:20, Mitchell Johnson wrote:

> We're looking into using Asterisk to do our conferencing.  Currently we do all our conferencing using Cisco, we have a router with PVDM modules so we can offload the hardware resources.
> I'm looking for some best practices on how to set it up.
> 1.  DO I need a separate server for the conference server?
> 2.  Do I need to offload the actual conference to a router with PVDM modules.
> 3.  Does anyone have experience with transitioning from Cisco conferencing to Asterisk?
> 4.  How many participants can participate in a conference?  
> Thanks,
> Mitch
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