[asterisk-users] Asterisk Debian Squeeze packages with T.38 gateway, queue hints and fixed RFC4235 (notifycid=yes)

Niccolò Belli darkbasic at linuxsystems.it
Wed Apr 18 11:44:14 CDT 2012

Il 18/04/2012 14:50, Kevin P. Fleming ha scritto:
> Do you expect Debian-style packages to include these third-party
> components in Asterisk? If you are talking about DAHDI specifically,
> moving to Asterisk 10 does not change DAHDI requirements at all.

No, I just pointed out that upgrading to a new asterisk version (ie 1.6 
-> 1.8) can lead to regressions when using third parties components. For 
example two years ago there was a bug with sangoma cards and asterisk 
1.8 and now there is another one with dahdi 2.6.

> If you feel that having a discussion about what makes sense for users to
> do and not to do is 'polemics', then fine, you can do whatever you like.
> Just please stop trying to assign blame or fault to people because this
> old, unsupported branch doesn't do what you want, especially when there
> is a current, fully supported release that will do what you want.

I think you misunderstood: I just wanted to point out that *I do not 
blame anyone*, I was just speaking about the reasons because of I prefer 
to not upgrade to v10.

About asterisk 10, it seems I misunderstood the new release cycle, my fault.


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