[asterisk-users] DAHDI FXO Call Issues / Indication Types

Tim Nelson tnelson at rockbochs.com
Thu Apr 12 11:31:37 CDT 2012


I've had reports of a customer PBX acting strangely to some inbound calls. Specifically, a call comes into an FXO port, hits a Dial() to ring a few extensions, but by the time someone answers the phone, the call has been dropped, and the caller is listening to on-hold music. There is nothing in the dialplan that would cause this behavior.

The logs have a couple of odd (to me, maybe normal) items that may give some information.

After the call comes in, and the SIP endpoints are dialed, I see:

[2012-04-12 08:51:04] DEBUG[7313] chan_dahdi.c: Requested indication 3 on channel DAHDI/1-1

I have to assume indication 3 means playing ringing tones to DAHDI/1?

The phones are ringing at this point. In the logs I see this:

[2012-04-12 08:51:06] DEBUG[7313] sig_analog.c: analog_exception 1
[2012-04-12 08:51:06] DEBUG[7313] sig_analog.c: Exception on 13, channel 1
[2012-04-12 08:51:06] DEBUG[7313] sig_analog.c: __analog_handle_event 1
[2012-04-12 08:51:06] DEBUG[7313] sig_analog.c: Got event ANALOG_EVENT_RINGBEGIN(12) on channel 1 (index 0)

I'm assuming the indication 3 specified earlier was to send ring tones on DAHDI/1, this simply confirms it?

Next, one of the phones answered the call, and a new indication is sent:

[2012-04-12 08:51:07] VERBOSE[7313] app_dial.c:     -- SIP/102-000021ae answered DAHDI/1-1
[2012-04-12 08:51:07] DEBUG[7313] chan_dahdi.c: Requested indication 22 on channel DAHDI/1-1

What does indication 22... indicate?

There is more to the log, but it is intermingled with a callback and I'm not easily able to parse it out at the moment. Does any of the above seem out of place, or does it look 'normal'?

As an aside, where could a person find a list of indications used on DAHDI channels, analog and/or PRI/T1?


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