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lists65 at gmail.com wrote:
> exten =>  s,n,MYSQL(Query resultid ${connid} INSERT INTO 
> `calleridcapture`
> (`number`,`name`) VALUES (${CALLERID(num)},${CALLERID(name)})

Here is an example of one of my inserts:

exten => s,n,MYSQL(Query resultid ${connid} INSERT INTO Indianapolis set
phone="${CALLERID(number)}" \, flag="YES" \, note="Blacklisted by
Tele-Torture - ${TODAY}")


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Thank you Doug.  I did see some examples with the "\" but I was confused
because I thought you didn't have to do that with 1.8 (maybe I misread that
some where along the line).  I will look at your example and see if I can
adapt what I am doing to make it work for me.

I appreciate your help and comments as well.  That's what is so good about
this list, seems like there is always someone that can help.  I really like
this stuff, I wished that I had got into programming a long time ago so I
could start to understand syntax better.  I missed out when I didn't pick up
learning how to code.

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