[asterisk-users] MessageSend, SIP, and call files

Roger Burton West roger at firedrake.org
Tue Apr 10 09:05:27 CDT 2012

As I've occasionally posted here before, I have user terminals which can
accept SIP text messages to an SMS-like interface.

After upgrading to Asterisk 10, I do indeed have external processes
generating these messages. But it's a bit ugly. What I'd _like_ to do is
simply generate a callfile, and something like this almost works:

Channel: Local/8902
Application: MessageSend
Set: MESSAGE(body)=messagebody
Data: sip:glowworm
Data: sip:glowworm

but (a) I need that reserved local number to let the call work at all
(the number just does an Answer(), Wait(10), Hangup) and (b) I can't
seem to set the sender's name. That ought to be the second Data
parameter; actually the second one seems to determine where the message
goes, and whatever I set the first one to the sender name always comes
up as "asterisk". (Specifically, in the packet capture, I have

From: "asterisk" <sip:asterisk@[ipaddr]:5060>

.) Now, I _can_ achieve the desired result, but only by having _another_
local number that does

exten => 8901,n,SET(MESSAGE(body)=${msg_out_body})
exten => 8901,n,MessageSend(${msg_out_to},${msg_out_from})

and setting up the callfile with:

Extension: 8901
Set: msg_out_to=glowworm
Set: msg_out_from=<sip:FROM at DOMAIN>

at which point the message will appear to originate from FROM (note that
if I put a display name component in the msg_out_from it gets ignored -
but that is the terminals' peculiarity). But that's ugly. Has anyone got
this working with a relatively straight callfile setup?

While I'm writing, does Asterisk 10 have any way to send a SIP message
that isn't text/plain?


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