[asterisk-users] Cannot resume call on hold

Mark Murawski markm-lists at intellasoft.net
Sat Apr 7 09:09:25 CDT 2012

Asterisk 1.8.5
Polycom Bootrom 4.4.0
Polycom spip 4.0.1

They are all sip devices talking to each other.
Polycom phone A puts polycom phone B on hold, Phone A tries to unhold 
the caller but the line button is still flashing on hold like nothing 

All sip peers are directmedia/canreinvite=no, no nat, all communication 
is on the local lan.  It's as simple as it can be.

I haven't touched my asterisk version in a while and all of a sudden 
this started happening.

I'll have a sip debug in the next day or two, but in the meantime is 
there something someone can shed some light on?


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