[asterisk-users] Call Transfer not working

Rizwan Hisham rizwanhasham at gmail.com
Fri Apr 6 10:30:04 CDT 2012

Hi All,
I am using asterisk 1.8.11 on centos 5. I have realtime sip peers with dtmf
setting rfc2833 and inband. I have also enabled blind and attended transfer
features in features.conf but still call transfers dont work. I have setup
transfer feature in past but i dont think i am missing anything this time.
I just dont have any clue why its not working. I have tried using ATAs and
softphones but cant make it to work. Can anyone help? Am I missing anything?

features show output:
Builtin Feature           Default Current
---------------           ------- -------
Pickup                    *8      *8
Blind Transfer            #       #1
Attended Transfer                 *2
One Touch Monitor
Disconnect Call           *       *
Park Call
One Touch MixMonitor
Best Ragards
Rizwan Qureshi
VoIP/Asterisk Engineer
Axvoice Inc.

V: +92 (0) 3333 6767 26
E: rizwanhasham at gmail.com
W: www.axvoice.com
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