[asterisk-users] Dial Plan - Routing via Caller ID

Eric Wieling EWieling at nyigc.com
Thu Apr 5 13:00:42 CDT 2012

Priorities are not complicated.  Each extension starts with priority 1, all additional priorities are "n" and you ALWAYS end your extension with a Goto or a Hangup so the call doesn't fall off your intended extension and hump into the middle of some other extension and screw everything up.


	You are pretty close, I  think it's your priorities that are the problem. When I use "Ex Girl Friend Logic" I write my extensions this way:
	exten => 6140000000/6149999999,1,Goto(context2,s,1)
	exten => 6140000000/6149999998,1,Goto(context3,s,1)
	exten => 6140000000,1,Dial(SIP/7777,25)

I agree, priorities are very tricky in this case, and I've spent a lot of time figuring out similar scenarios.  Also you may need to use an 's' priority in some cases, where there are two potential matches that are the same priority.  I'm sorry I can't think of where I have a useful code snippet for your exact case.  I'd recommend starting with a fully working explicit statement then work back from there to less explicit:

exten => 16027170050/8774613644,1,Goto(monkeys,s,1)


exten => 1602717005X/8774613644,1,Goto(monkeys,s,1)



Carlos Alvarez

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