[asterisk-users] sip pregi net account registration

Gopalakrishnan N gopalakrishnan.an at gmail.com
Thu Apr 5 03:21:29 CDT 2012

Hi guys,

I am trying to configure sip.pregi.net account with my Asterisk 1.4.X,
since its a free account, its not getting registered, even my machine IP is
allowed in firewall. In the same machine if i register openser account
which is in public i am able to register. while checking the sip debug the
register request is keep on sending but there is no response.

what i did is i registered the same account in my softphone installed in my
laptop, there it got registered. only with Asterisk its not registering, I
tried allowing externip as my routers IP, even then its not getting

Does anyone used sip.pregi.net account with Asterisk? If so let me know the

Thank you.
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