[asterisk-users] cross ivr is comming in my ivr system

Arthur Stanfield aj at dmcip.com
Wed Apr 4 05:10:33 CDT 2012

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>On Wednesday 04 April 2012, Jagadish Thoutam wrote:
>> hi all,
>>    i have gradwell DID i am using it for inbound dialing with IVR when ever
>> customer call my DID some times other IVR is cumming on my IVR that IVR is
>> not even related with my server .can u please help me on this

>Sorry.  This list is only for questions that make sense.


>Answers come *after* questions.

Not everyone who comes here is going to speak English perfectly as their first language. Taking snide little digs at someone because of their English skills is not what this userlist is about and doesn't benefit the community in the slightest (If anything, It damages it.)

For what its worth, I understood his question entirely. He has a DDI provided by Gradwell, Which when dialed leads into an IVR (I assume running on an Asterisk server, Hence why he's posted the question here.) Occasionally this number is hitting an IVR system that is not his own (Upstream Call routing issue?).

Jagadish, When the unknown IVR is being played are you seeing any traffic at all through the Asterisk CLI (Or in the logs?) - Does the call hit the server at all?.

Which Gradwell service are you using, And how are you connecting it to your server? 

Which version of Asterisk are you using?.


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