[asterisk-users] Max number of PCIe cards

Olivier oza_4h07 at yahoo.fr
Tue Apr 3 03:31:40 CDT 2012


For training sessions, I'm evaluating the possibility to use a single
physical server to host 5 virtual servers, each with its own Dahdi
PCIe card, instead of using 5 physical machines, hoping a single
physical server would easier to transport, more quiet and cheaper to
provision and maintain.

As you can guess, each machine shouldn't be heavy loaded (a couple of
calls, for each).
If that matters, each machine would get Asterisk 10.
One virtual server would play PSTN role and provide E1/T1 connectivity
to each 4 server, playing as our favorite B2BUA.

I hope servers with 5 PCI slots can be found here and there but I'm
worried about IRQs, timing issues and the likes.

1. Beside PCI assignment, which virtualization feature is required to
build such machine ? In other words, is reading "PCI-assignment" in
Xen, LXC or equivalent datasheet enough ?

2. How many PCIe cards can be "safely" inserted inside a server,
without any virtualization ? Does this figure change when virtualizing


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