[asterisk-users] dial rule problems( on e1 interface) after upgrading 1.8

Oguzhan Kayhan oguzhank at bilkent.edu.tr
Mon Apr 2 01:53:45 CDT 2012

I was using 1.6 asterisk for a long time.
My configuration is as follows. SOme of my users(analogue ones) are on
ericsson pbx which is connected to asterisk via e1 interfaces.
And asterisk is dialing out via a sip trunk.

Ericsson has a setting for prefixes as minimum digits and max(otional)
For ex, we can set 0044  min 13 max 15 as a dialing rule.
The problem is, after upgrading to version, for example if a user
on ericsson starts to dial a 15 digit number at 13th, asterisk tries to
dial the first 13 digits without waiting the rest.

What i am suspecting is, before the default DTMF mode was inband and now
it changed to that rfc staff, which gets the first digits as a string and
tries to dial it.
There is no change in ercissons config.
So how can i make the asterisk wait for the rest of the number without
dialing it immediately??
I hope I made myself clear.

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