[asterisk-users] dnd sorta working

Ott Rose sixfourimpala at hotmail.com
Thu Feb 11 08:33:58 CST 2010

running freepbx 2.6.1 and asterisk

i did a clean install with the versions listed above. I was on freepbx 2.5.0 and asterisk 1.6.0 ( i think)

I have aastra 57i phones. with the old versions i could hit the dnd(*76) button and i would hear dnd activated and the the light at the top of the phone would light up. Now i hit dnd (*79) and it hangs up after 1/2 second. the light doesn't come on but the FOP says the extension is on dnd and the receptionist that has the extension set up as BLF will see the light come on. You also get what is excepted if you call that extension. As far as i can tell it is working in asterisk it's just the phone is not acting the way it did with the previous versions of freepbx and asterisk. 
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