[asterisk-users] Play a number of files to a caller

Julian Lyndon-Smith asterisk at dotr.com
Sat Aug 28 16:20:11 CDT 2010

I want to be able to allow a caller to dial a ddi, system to verify
identity etc (this is all done)

I then want them to sit listening to music, until an event happens.
When this (external) event happens, I want to play a certain file to
the caller, using playback (so that they have ff / rw etc), and when
finished, go back to the music.

1) I thought of redirecting to an extension that played the file, and
then jump back to the original dialplan entry to start again. However,
If I want to redirect, then this external event would need to know
their channel.

2) I thought of a meetme / conference, but then they would not be able
to control the playback of the file, right ?

Anyone got any other thoughts ?



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