[asterisk-users] Tones of dtmf during call

das sandesh sandesh440 at gmail.com
Tue Aug 24 16:13:40 CDT 2010


We are having the redial dtmf tones issue generated randomly in the Voip/SIP
calls, [versions: asterisk, dahdi] and we have dtmf as
inband in the trunks. We actually have mutiple locations one server at our
datacenter, and from those locations people are complaining that they are
having this random dtmf redialed kind of tones randomly may be like
once/twice a day.........Also I could see in the DTMF enabled logs that
there was no generation of these DTMF digits.......can anyone share some
thoughts in regards to this, I appreciate your help......is there any thing
that may be generated by the routers or is it the asterisk that may be
causing this?

Thank you very much

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