[asterisk-users] How to do voice barge in using asterisk server

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>Subject: [asterisk-users] How to do voice barge in using asterisk server

>Hi All,
>I have this requirement. I have an xlite client registered with asterisk
server. And from this when i dial an extension say xxx it invokes an AGI
script which gives me a series of instructions like "Welcome to this IVR
system. Press 1 to trade 2 to sell....and so on".I want to stop this message
by speaking stop or saying an option. How to achieve this. I heard that this
is similar to voice barge in using asterisk.But i am new to this concept.
Please help me in this regard.
>Thanks in Advance,

As you have stated the question,  the SpeechBackground command is what you
would want.  This command plays a sound or series of sounds and stops when
the message is completed and timeout occurs or when speech or DTMF is

I have used this command somewhat successfully with the Lumenvox and Vestec
Speech Engines.


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