[asterisk-users] IAX2 and other modules load error on 1.8.0-beta3

Tilghman Lesher tlesher at digium.com
Mon Aug 23 13:28:35 CDT 2010

On Monday 23 August 2010 12:19:38 Ira wrote:
> At 09:26 AM 8/23/2010, you wrote:
> >There's already an issue open for this, AND there is a patch posted, BUT
> > the reporter needs to verify that the patch(es) fix the issue for him:
> > https://issues.asterisk.org/view.php?id=17707
> And how was I supposed to now that?  I being the reporter.
> I hate to seem stupid, but when I got the email I looked there but
> have no idea what I'm supposed to do or how to do it. What is a patch
> and what do I do with it?

In the future (and this goes for everybody, not just you), if you do not
understand a request made by a developer, PLEASE ask that question, instead
of giving us no feedback whatsoever.  We're not trying to stump you or make
you feel stupid, honest; we just need to verify that a proposed solution fixes
the problem reported and not some other, unrelated problem.

I'll defer to Paul's excellent set of instructions as to how to test a
proposed patch.

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