[asterisk-users] outbound SIP trunk hunting (or any fxo for that matter)

Infra msg at waste.org
Mon Aug 23 09:06:59 CDT 2010

On Aug 7, 2007 'Mojo' wrote:

Nicholas Blasgen wrote:
> I've got 4 SIP phone lines with a call-limit of 2 for each.  I've
> written a handy macro to allow my users to dial a phone number and the
> macro will figure out the next available line to use by first checking
> if the GROUP() is over 2 and then checking to see if ChanIsAvail() as a
> backup, and if it can't use the line for either reason it goes to the
> next line.  The problem is that there are enough situations that the
> Macro gets called twice without much time seperation.  Both macros check
> the group() number, it comes back as free, they check the line
> availability and it's open, and they try dialing.  But because they both
> started at more or less the same instant, they've both at the same stage
> in the macro and sometimes (maybe 10% of the time) a macro will try
> dialing on a line that's already in use.
> My question is this.  Is it possible to tell Asterisk to execute part of
> a macro as a block without allowing any other commands to be processed
> during that time?  Some way to LOCK the dialplan (as you'd do in SQL).
> I want my macro to be able to execute the part of the code that checks
> line status and then sets the GROUP() without allowing any other
> dialplans from running during that time.  Anyone know if this is a
> current feature?
> --
> /Nick

What would be a correct way to do this in 1.4.x?



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