[asterisk-users] .call files with application/data are not generating correct CDR

Andy Beak andrewb at cellsmart.co.za
Sun Aug 22 09:11:03 CDT 2010


The exact problem that I'm experiencing is described at 
http://www.spinics.net/lists/asterisk/msg122364.html in an earlier 
posting to the mailing list, but I could find no replies to it.

I installed Asterisk using Ubuntu's apt-get and then fixed the mysql 
conf (which doesn't load if you use the default apt-get install 
asterisk-mysql) by building it from scratch.

I'm using Asterisk as an automated voice messaging system so need to be 
able to dynamically make .call files which point to different mp3 files.

My calls are now being logged to the mysql database but even if I answer 
a call it still logs as "Not Answered" with a duration of zero.

Setting unanswered to either yes or no makes no difference in cdr.conf - 
the call is still logged as "Not Answered" if I pick it up.

Really the only way around this I can see is to check the lastapp field 
instead of the disposition.

Lastapp is set to "Dial" if the call was really not answered and 
"MP3Player" if the call was answered.

I see that there is a known bug in Asterisk and it is suggested to use 
extension.conf to set up a context rather than using call files.  The 
problem is that I need to be able to change the MP3 that is played.

Has anybody managed to solve this problem?


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