[asterisk-users] Calling Line Identity - any ideas

Sherwood McGowan sherwood.mcgowan at gmail.com
Thu Aug 19 22:58:07 CDT 2010

On Thu, Aug 19, 2010 at 7:46 PM, Nasir Iqbal <nasir at ictinnovations.com> wrote:
> Hi,
>> there's still no conceivable reason
> What can be? except performance! (as asterisk has to create one additional
> leg and bridge it) Which is very conceivable to those who are dealing with
> high load traffic.
> And what will be the option, if other outgoing call
> requires different custom CLI while using the same trunk?
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First, the reason is, why use a BAD IDEA when there's perfectly good
solutions in front of the user.... There was no mention on this ONE
call going outbound over the trunk needing a different CID...the
request was as follows:

Client needs to call an INTERNAL extension, where the INTERNAL
CallerID will be used, and at the SAME TIME, a call to an EXTERNAL
number (which would necessitate USING THEIR PROVIDER TRUNK), using the

Now, p-lease tell me how just configuring the damned trunk's outbound
CID is NOT more sensible, efficient, and just friggin' COMMON SENSE TO
START WITH...over using a Local channel call, which would require
slightly more typing, and using something that I've almost NEVER found
a good reason to use, and if you'd care to search the damn archives,
you'll see that I was pushing upwards of 5k CONCURRENT CALLS back in
2005, WITH 1.4 Trunk and the RealTime addiiton (which was

For the love of whatever you find holy and good and true...don't come
at me like that...I'm really not in the mood anymore...I put 3-4 solid
years of helpjng newbies figure out why shit didn't work, reporting
REAL bugs and issues to thew developers and even assisting with some
of the fixes....I feel entitled (yes, I know that's an asshole thing
to say) to a little common respect....

Now...anyone for a pint? I'm off to vent some frustration with people
who jump on the WRONG bandwagon and try to take over....

Sherwood Mother-F'in' McGowanb...
Telecommunications and Tattooing....
You konw anyone else who combines those two professions? I'd like to
buy that guy a drink!

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