[asterisk-users] Calling Line Identity - any ideas

Paddy Grice paddy at wizaner.com
Thu Aug 19 02:21:06 CDT 2010

Hi list

I have a requirement that I just don't know how to address - I don't think
its strange but can't find any pointers anywhere.

I have a user that wishes to have a "multi phone" divert. By that I mean 

"calls made to his extension say Ext200 can be redirected to a different
extension say Ext400 and also to his home landline.

Doing the dial is fine using Dial(SIP/Ext400&SIP/TheWorld/441234567890)

The problem is CLID - 

At the moment internal calls (Ext to Ext) show a CLID "EXTxxx" and External
Calls show the received CLID.

When the phone is redirected to both Internal and external numbers he wants
the correct CLI displayed on both phones.

So with the redirect operational 

1) a call from the outside world to his DID number will show the received
CLI(ANI) on both devices - this works
2) a call from an office extension needs to show "EXTxxx" on the extension
(Ext400) but show the office telephone number on the landline 

so in pseudo code I want to do something like

Dial ( SIP/Ext400 using CLID "EXT123" & SIP/TheWorld/441234567890 using CLID
"44112233445566" )

Any ideas ?


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