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Matt Riddell lists at venturevoip.com
Tue Aug 17 21:35:54 CDT 2010

On 17/08/10 6:34 PM, Hans Witvliet wrote:
> On Mon, 2010-08-16 at 13:35 -0400, Jamie A. Stapleton wrote:
>> Might be worth your time to check out:  http://www.humbuglabs.org/
> Though they write:
> ...
> insight into the enterprise’s telephony infrastructure. Utilizing a set
> of none-intrusive analytical technologies, Humbug is capable of
> interfacing directly with your PBX system, analyzing its traffic,
> plotting it and providing
> ...
> It looks (!) like an online-service.
> Who would give an outsider access to your phone-usage info?

:) Take it you don't use Google Analytics, Facebook insights, 
Feedburner, Amazon EC3 etc etc.

Sure you have to decide who you want to trust (personally I trust the 
humbuglabs guys) and what their level of protection is (are they looking 
after their own security), but it seems to be the way things are going 
at the mo.


Matt Riddell

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