[asterisk-users] Directory routing to wrong extension if dial tones are pressed too quick.

Eddie Mikell eddie at rimmkaufman.com
Tue Aug 17 14:43:43 CDT 2010

  Hi All,

Have completely moved off the old ESI system, and things have been going 
pretty good with the new server.

I have one issue, which has been reported by several of our customers.  
I've tested it, and it does indeed seem to be a problem.

When the customer is asked to dial in the first three letters of the 
person they are trying to reach, they will be routed to the wrong 

The problem seems to revolve around how quickly the keys are pressed.  
So if 645 for Mikell is pressed very quickly, they end up being routed 
to Sarah Fish.  But if they take their time, say 2 seconds between each 
keystroke, everything works ok.

Are they any settings that can be adjusted for this?

Eddie Mikell

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