[asterisk-users] Polycom 331 freezes connecting to FreePBX

Ben Schorr bens at rolandschorr.com
Tue Aug 17 14:42:38 CDT 2010

Sorry, I should clarify - we have had a similar setup (IPSEC VPN, Polycom 331) working at a different location with a different handset for this same firm.  We've never gotten the phone/VPN to work at this particular site.  I was just trying to explain that it DOES appear to be successfully connecting to the TFTP server that provisions the phones.  The TFTP server is sitting right next to the Asterisk server so if it can connect to one it should be able to connect to the other - basic connectivity, it appears, is working between the sites.

We currently have 57 other Polycom phones (most of them 331s)  working in this system, with the current application, just fine, including maybe 10 that connect over an IPSEC VPN from a 3rd location.

That does give me an idea though...we could take the handset from the failing location to the 3rd location (barely a mile away) and plug it in and see if it works there.  If it does then the problem must be somewhere in the connection and not with the handset itself.  If it doesn't work in the other location either then the problem is probably with the phone and/or it's configuration. 

Make sense?

Ben M. Schorr
Chief Executive Officer
Roland Schorr & Tower
bens at rolandschorr.com

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> On Mon, Aug 16, 2010 at 4:21 PM, Ben Schorr <bens at rolandschorr.com> wrote:
> > We gave the phone a static IP address and pointed it to the
> > configuration server on the remote end that has the CFG files for it.
> > The phone starts up, downloads SIP and the "new application" and
> > otherwise seems to be booting normally.  Then it gets to the "LAN
> > Properties" screen that shows the phone's IP address, MAC address and
> firmware version and then...nothing.
> > It just sits there frozen.
> I have a suggestion...
> Put back the 'old application', and determine whether the 'new application' broke
> your phone boot. Since you don't mention changing anything else, survey says it's
> probably the last thing you changed that broke things.
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