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Subject: [asterisk-users] Convert wav-file to alaw-file


>Hello list,

>it seems that Asterisk is unable to convert a wav-file into an alaw-file :

>[root at asterisk testing]# asterisk -rx "file convert testExtended2.wav
>Unable to open input file: testExtended2.wav
>[root at asterisk testing]# asterisk -rx "file convert testLong2.wav
>Unable to open input file: testLong2.wav

>The wav-file is MONO, 8000Hz according to SoX and confirmed by the sox

>[root at asterisk testing]# soxi testLong2.wav

>Input File     : 'testLong2.wav'
>Channels       : 1
>Sample Rate    : 8000
>Precision      : 16-bit
>Duration       : 00:01:27.05 = 696427 samples ~ 6529 CDDA sectors
>Sample Encoding: 16-bit Signed Integer PCM

>Why then can I not use Asterisk to 'convert' to alaw ?!

>Kind regards,



As I interpret what I have read in this forum over the last several months,
there is not really an "ALAW" format.  If you do a sox (don't remember if
you can do in native Asterisk) convert to RAW (headerless) format,  Asterisk
is happy to consider that as ALAW.

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