[asterisk-users] dial_exec_full problems with TDM400

Jason Morgan jason.morgan at vpnsolutions.uk.com
Tue Aug 17 03:36:21 CDT 2010


I was running asterisk 1.4, but recently upgraded to 1.6 (for fax support)
at the same
time as moving from Ubuntu hardy to

I have a single TDM400P rev I with two fxo and two fxs modules, these were
working perfectly for years
on Asterisk 1.4 using Zaptel drivers with Oslec.

Now I've moved to 1.6 so I am using Dahdi.  Distribution is stock ubuntu

After several hours (perhaps 24 or so, not nailed it down precisely)
calls are not answered and outgoing calls get dial_exec_full.

Incoming calls are reported to either A:just ring and ring, or B:get an
engaged tone.

Strangely when this happens asterisk DOES see the incoming call in situation
A, but fails
to answer.

What tests can I do to resolve this as it is very inconvenient as we are
missing a lot of calls?

At the moment I have a terminal open all the time with verbose=10 and
debug=10, sadly this
log is not written to the logfiles so is lost when the terminal exists
(perhaps there is a way round
this, I don't know)

Shutting down asterisk and restarting dahdi removes the problem for another

Asterisk is version
Dahdi is version 2.2.1

Any help appreciated. I am at a complete loss what to do, except go back to
the old 1.4 server.


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