[asterisk-users] Polycom 331 freezes connecting to FreePBX

Ben Schorr bens at rolandschorr.com
Mon Aug 16 15:21:50 CDT 2010

We deployed a single phone handset (Polycom 331) at a remote site.  We
have a IPSEC VPN running between the firewall at the remote site and the
firewall at the site where our Asterisk/FreePBX box lives.  We have used
a similar configuration for this site before and it worked fine.


We gave the phone a static IP address and pointed it to the
configuration server on the remote end that has the CFG files for it.
The phone starts up, downloads SIP and the "new application" and
otherwise seems to be booting normally.  Then it gets to the "LAN
Properties" screen that shows the phone's IP address, MAC address and
firmware version and then...nothing.  It just sits there frozen.  


I assume it's trying to register with the Asterisk server but for some
reason that seems to be failing.


I've swapped in a different, brand new, Polycom 331 on that spot and it
does the exact same thing.  From my laptop I can ping the Asterisk
server across the VPN just fine.  All of the network connectivity looks
good, as far as I can tell.


Anybody have a hint for what we should be looking at?  I don't see any
obviously blocked ports and the VPN should take care of that anyhow.
I've looked in Polycom's KB but it didn't seem to offer any explanation
for what it means when the phone freezes on the LAN properties screen.


Any suggestions welcomed.


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