[asterisk-users] BRI line issue on third call

Paulo Santos paulo.r.santos at sapo.pt
Thu Aug 12 04:29:29 CDT 2010

Hello list,

I've been having a problem for some time now that I can't figure out how
to solve it.

On a PTP BRI ISDN line, if I have both channels in use and I place a
third call from the outside, I'm not getting a busy tone like I should.
Instead I get a congestion tone, as if the line was not working/didn't

Currently I'm using mISDN 1_1_9.1 and Asterisk 1.4.35 with an OpenVox
B400P and I've tried all possible combinations of PTP/PTMP and with or
without the termination jumper on the card.

I've also tried to make it work since mISDN 1_1_8 and Asterisk 1.4.18.

This is the message I get in Asterisk when the third call tries to come in:

P[ 4] channel with stid:10020400 in use!
P[ 4] channel with stid:10010400 in use!
P[ 4] There is no free channel on port (4)
P[ 4]  --> !! lib: No free channel!
P[ 4] I SEND:RELEASE_COMPLETE oad: dad: pid:0
P[ 4]  --> channel:0 mode:TE cause:0 ocause:0 rad: cad:
P[ 4]  --> info_dad: onumplan:0 dnumplan:0 rnumplan:0 cpnnumplan:0
P[ 4]  --> we have already send Release_complete

asterisk/extensions.conf (relevant part): http://pastebin.com/a9nihVKt
mISDN.conf: http://pastebin.com/6FPbcqc7
asterisk/misdn.conf: http://pastebin.com/9TGmGFFR

Does anyone have any idea what can be causing this?

Thanks in advance,
Best regards,
Paulo Santos

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