[asterisk-users] How to set up Asterisk to deliver a trunk sip connection?

Kent Varmedal kent at domeneshop.no
Wed Aug 11 09:12:22 CDT 2010


I'm trying to set up an "old" PBX (that supports SIP) to go through our
new Asterisk server, so that our old phones can be used still for some

How can I set up Asterisk to deliver a trunk sip connection that our old
PBX can connect to? Is it just to sett up a normal sip device in
sip.conf? Or is there some other / extra magic for this to work?

I can't test this with the old system before we go live with Asterisk
(and then it must work). But I can't seem to find any concrete
information about this.

Best regards,
Kent Varmedal

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