[asterisk-users] How to determine which party hangup the call? cause of Hang-up needed.‏

Faisal Hanif faisal at vopium.com
Wed Aug 11 00:45:12 CDT 2010

  If Caller party hangups next to dial line wil not be executed but 
control will hit to h extension of fame context but if Called party 
hangups next to dial ine will be executed.

Faisal Hanif

On 8/11/2010 10:16 AM, Philipp von Klitzing wrote:
>> read the value of var ${HANGUPCAUSE} next line to dial command.
> So how can you be sure this has been populated by PRI and not by SIP?
> This will not tell you which side hung up.
> Philipp
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