[asterisk-users] 'System' application in asterisk

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Subject: [asterisk-users] 'System' application in asterisk

>Is there any  way to capture the output of the 'System' application in
asterisk dialplan and evaluate it. 

>For example, i would like to get the output of following System application
and use its value in next line
>for decision making

>exten => 5000,n,System(command)

I think this answer is no.  system only returns ${SYSTEMSTATUS} as SUCCESS
or FAILURE to tell you that the command finished or died.  You could however
do a bash AGI that would set a variable with the result of what you would
have sent to system


Exten => 5000,n,System('/bin/ls')


Exten => 5000,n,AGI(bashsys.sh,"/bin/ls')

Exten => 5000,n.Gotoif(${RESULT}.

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