[asterisk-users] redirect based on incoming number

Barry Fawthrop barry at isscp.com
Mon Aug 9 08:04:56 CDT 2010

How does one redirect calls based on incoming number or caller ID or the
lack thereof?

current I have for number 123-4567  that it redirects all 800 , 877 and
866 numbers to Voicemail directly. 
If the primary area code is  352  then accept this and pass it to
extension 5555

exten =>  1234567/_352XXXXXXX,4,Dial(SIP/5555,240)
exten =>  1234567/_800XXXXXXX,4,Voicemail(5555 at default,b)
exten =>  1234567/_866XXXXXXX,4,Voicemail(5555 at default,b)
exten =>  1234567/_877XXXXXXX,4,Voicemail(5555 at default,b)
exten =>  1234567/1800XXXXXXX,4,Voicemail(5555 at default,b)
exten =>  1234567/1866XXXXXXX,4,Voicemail(5555 at default,b)
exten =>  1234567/1877XXXXXXX,4,Voicemail(5555 at default,b)
exten =>  1234567/+1800XXXXXXX,4,Voicemail(5555 at default,b)
exten =>  1234567/+1866XXXXXXX,4,Voicemail(5555 at default,b)
exten =>  1234567/+1877XXXXXXX,4,Voicemail(5555 at default,b)
exten =>  1234567/_*1866876.,4,Voicemail(5555 at default,b)
exten =>  1234567/_+18668762996,4,Voicemail(5555 at default,b)

Any help will be greatly appriecated


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