[asterisk-users] Prepay Limited Calls.

Catalin S. jonsonplayer at gmail.com
Mon Aug 9 04:01:38 CDT 2010


I wish to make a simple system to limit peers at x minutes depending
of buyer voip packet. Can someone help me with some directions?
I intend to make a separate dial plan and every calls to be in cdr
table in mysql. Is any chance to make some scripts to drop calls after
used all minutes? I use asterisk 1.4.34 + mysql + cdr + asterisk-gui
administration interface. I don't really want to install another
to make this or modify all my settup. I'm wonder if someone is using
something simple to limmit calls. Anyway if someone is using some
other programs/software/scripts and another settup/method please let
me know how is yours. I want to check few methods to realize that

Thank you for help guys.

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