[asterisk-users] Detecting Called party Ring indication (and act on it)

Juan Miguel jmiguely at gmail.com
Sun Aug 8 22:51:22 CDT 2010

Hello Ketema:
I found this, i hope you serve


2009/8/15 Ketema Harris <ketema at midnightoilconsulting.com>

> is there a way to have asterisk short circuit the dial timeout
> parameter based on called party sending ring progress ?
> History:  I have multiple routes that a call can take.  Some routes
> are not so good and take a long time.
> Currently I use the Dial time out parameter, but it times out whether
> or not the called party is ringing or not (basically has to answer)
> I think the term is PDD (Post Dial Delay)? I wish to move on to the
> next route if the progress is longer than X sec, but if I get
> indication of ringing then stay on that route.
> Thanks
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