[asterisk-users] Using a 1.4 config with 1.6

Roderick A. Anderson raanders at cyber-office.net
Fri Aug 6 09:49:40 CDT 2010

Danny Nicholas wrote:
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> Anderson
> Subject: [asterisk-users] Using a 1.4 config with 1.6
> I have a rather simple setup running under Asterisk 1.4.  I'd like to 
> move it to a new install of 1.6.  Before I bring it online are there any 
> gotchas I should look for?  
> TIA,
> Rod
> I am doing dual testing with 1.4.3X and 1.6X and the only thing that has hit
> me so far is having to change the dialplan delimiters (from "|" to ",")  If
> your dialplan is simple enough, this may not affect you at all.

Excellent!  Mine is very simple.  Open/Closed hours, four menu options.


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