[asterisk-users] Codec Conversion

Miguel Molina mmolina at millenium.com.co
Thu Aug 5 17:19:51 CDT 2010

>> This just made me remember some comment on the iax.conf sample file...
>> disallow=lpc10            ; Icky sound quality...  Mr. Roboto.
> LPC10 is a very old codec, from early 1980s.  LPC10 doesn't do a good job with pitch detection so it tends to have a
> 'robotic' sound.  With advent of MELPe, anyone needing bitrates 2400 or less should not be using LPC10.
> -Jeff
OK, on years I have working with asterisk I never have used, tested or 
even heard that old codec. I was just quoting the funny comment...


Ing. Miguel Molina
Grupo de Tecnología
Millenium Phone Center

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