[asterisk-users] No Mailbox Subscription in SIP Users Suddenly

Jayson Baker jayson at spectrasurf.com
Thu Aug 5 00:52:33 CDT 2010

Suddenly the other day we noticed MWI stopped working for SIP clients.

A "sip show peer X" returns this:

ast01*CLI> sip show peer 719XXXXXXX

  * Name       : 719XXXXXXX
  Realtime peer: Yes, cached
  Secret       : <Set>
  MD5Secret    : <Not set>
  Remote Secret: <Not set>
  Context      : peakinternet-outbound
  Subscr.Cont. : <Not set>
  Language     : en
  AMA flags    : Unknown
  Transfer mode: open
  CallingPres  : Presentation Allowed, Not Screened
  Callgroup    :
  Pickupgroup  :
  Mailbox      :
  VM Extension : asterisk

As you can see, there is nothing for "Mailbox"

We are using MySQL Realtime Addon.  In the sip_buddies table, the "mailbox"
column is filled with "719XXXXXXX at default"


I thought maybe it was something weird with the SQL table so I backed it up,
deleted it, recreated it, added a single entry and registered that SIP
client.  Same thing.  Everything else in the table (caller ID, pickupgroup,
etc.) will show correctly on "sip show peer" but just not Mailbox.

So I figured maybe it was a bug in so I upgraded to,
but the same thing is happening.

Is this something silly that I'm just overlooking?  I hope someone can help.

Thanks in advance for your help!!
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