[asterisk-users] Identify remote prompts: Partial audio matching?

Danny Nicholas danny at debsinc.com
Wed Aug 4 14:18:59 CDT 2010

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>Subject: [asterisk-users] Identify remote prompts: Partial audio matching?

>Ok, here's the challenge:

>I would like to be able to find, match - and then react - upon prompts 
that are presented by the outbound/remote side of a call. Think mobile 
phone and "This user is temporarily unavailable".

>Collecting a limited number of known prompt snippets should not be a 
problem, but how would you then detect their presence in a longer 
recording (or live audio stream)?

>Recently there was an at least slightly related posting on this list, if 
I recall that correctly, but I have simply not been able to turn this up.


>P.S.: This is all about audio analysis, not about cause codes.

You might be able to record these snippets then pass them through the Vestec
or Lumenvox Speech engine to get what you want.

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