[asterisk-users] Dial() M parameter in

Mark G. Thomas Mark at Misty.com
Tue Aug 3 14:30:33 CDT 2010


On Tue, Aug 03, 2010 at 01:49:11PM -0500, Tilghman Lesher wrote:
> On Tuesday 03 August 2010 13:19:11 Mark G. Thomas wrote:
> > I can't figure out what syntax to use with the Dial() "M" parameter
> > for the AEL parser to interpret properly.  Creating an AEL
> > macro named "macro-screen()" partly works as a hack, but it must
> > not turn into a gosub properly, so I get warnings about the "return;".
> Is there a reason you don't want to use the 'U' option in Dial?  It was
> created specifically for this purpose.

Thank you!

I didn't know there was a "U" option. I don't see any mention of it
on the voip-info.org wiki or other Dial() documentation, but didn't
check for new options in the built in documentation until just now.


Mark G. Thomas (Mark at Misty.com)

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